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Feb 8, 2022

In Episode Two of Series 2 of the Lifecourse Podcast from the ESRC International Centre for Lifecourse Studies we discus getting to grips with Multiple Sclerosis. Our guests are Scott Montgomery from Örebro University and the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, who has been researching MS for more than 20 years. Helen Andrew, who has been diagnosed with MS and David Coutts, senior research manager at the MS Society.


Further reading:

Review of research on MS on the ICLS Child of our Time blog – “Joining the dots between teenage infections and Multiple Sclerosis” by Scott Montgomery.

Comorbid disease burden among MS patients 1968-2012: A Swedish register-based cohort study is research by Kelsi A Smith, Sarah Burkill, Ayako Hiyoshi, Tomas Olsson, Shahram Bahmanyar, David Wormser, Yvonne Geissbuhler, Alan Moore, Vineetkumar Kharat and Scott Montgomery.

Hospital diagnosed pneumonia before age 20 years and multiple sclerosis risk is research by Kelsi A Smith, Ayako Hiyoshi, Sarah Burkill, Shahram Bahmanyar, Johan Öckinger, Lars Alfredsson, Tomas Olsson and Scott Montgomery.

Concussion in adolescence and risk of multiple sclerosis is research by Scott Montgomery, Ayako Hiyoshi, Sarah Burkill, Lars Alfredsson, Shahram Bahmanyar and Tomas Olsson.